150-BMW K100 Cafe Racer Design

BMW K100 Cafe Racer Design (148)

Modifications bike is a very pleasant thing in the automotive world, many around us who like modifications to be made to the spectacle of many materials. And of course almost everyone prefers to modification. Well, for you who like modifications to bike champion, in this post I will give insfirasi for you who want memodifiaksi beloved motorcycle.

You may also want to modify the bike actually yes … but, do not have a picture at all, do not worry and do not be discouraged. If you read this article
to completion will surely have an idea that you would apply to your bike.

Modifications in this year the trend is currently cafe racer style modifications. Eating I want to share with you that loves modification, especially modifications cafe racer style. Okay, regarding the modification of the cafe racer style, I’ll bring pictures modification cafe racer style of motorcycle BMW K100.

This one of the fans who were very fond same cafe racer

LA-based Mike Flores is a fan. “I picked the K100 Because I loved the design of the engine, the squareness and the sharp angles,” he says. “I wanted to make it into a bike that still honored the aspects of the original design that I liked the most.”

This very special K cafe racer is Mike’s first build (he’s actually a cinematographer by trade). The goal: trim the fat, and sprinkle on some modern upgrades.