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V Road Muscle Harley Davidson 00223

There is a history of the quarter-mile asphalt road in the circuit structure.
Required dragster, bikes, and even a little inspiration board of the heritage of the race track to bring the motor that you see now. V-Twin liquid-cooled 60 ° ready to shake the streets in the area where you live. Large rear tires and detail style which calls for the characteristic muscle. Little concern about the influence of absolute power that may be destructive. Should stomp the gas and try. Observe the V-Rod motorcycle properly and carefully. Large rear tires. Low profile and aggressive. The handlebars are inspired by the dragstrip. If you have trouble finding the weakness of this motor performance and excellence.

From Strip to the Street. Harley-Davidson are excited to have performance that is derived from the race and the championship event for decades. Thus, when determining to produce a high-powered engine and liquid-cooled, Motor Company started with the VR1000 superbike engine. The performance is inspired by the American style, large and sophisticated torque coupled with maximum horsepower. Revolution® engine is the core engine that attract a lot of new riders, who were dazzled by the heritage and mystique of Harley-Davidson, as well as the motor force of street performing sophisticated.

Innovation Engineering Revolution

Through a partnership with legendary producer Porsche, along with their team of engineers who are known throughout the world, Harley-Davidson created a revolutionary machine. The end result is something that characterizes the Harley-Davidson, which is a perfect blend in the industry between torque and horsepower in the engine V-Twin Revolution® high speed. The fuel injection. Double overhead cam. Coolant. 119 horsepower. Large and reliable power behind true Harley-Davidson innovation. Sure everyone there who still likes his big motor modifications view a collection of images modified Harley V-ROAD MUSCLE: