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Modified Cars Ideas Honda Civic (66)

Good day automotive buddies throughout the homeland are happy, on this occasion we will discuss a little about the modification of old school vehicle that was popular in his time, the Honda Civic. Yes, Honda Civic car is one of Honda’s output car that has a remarkable display. Honda is not playing games in creating a variety of products, be it two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheeled vehicles. Products issued by the Honda manufacturer is able to break the automotive market.

If you talk about modifications it will not be there forever, especially for you automotive lovers who like things modif both modif motor and modif car. However, as we have explained above, this time we will discuss about the modification of Honda Civic car that is cool and elegant. Honda Civic car itself was first created in 1992 with the era of Honda Civic Genio. But even so, here we will share a bit about how the hell do the way to make this Honda Civic look young and no less cool with the latest car output.

Modify the car Honda Civic Genio to appear younger and sportier, surely there must be some changes that occur in the interior and exterior. And certainly in making modifications to the Honda Civic Genio car will also have the addition of some features that will give the impression of durable and sporty.

For the first step, the exterior or body parts of this Honda Civic Genio car must be changed or replaced in its entirety. And of the overall will be replaced with Hyundai Coupe, among others as in the body kit, headlights and rear lempu. Well, then to change other components that is on the rear of the velg with five bars that have a size of 17 inches and also use the muffler with four mufflers.

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