Best 10 living room decor ideas

Best 10 Living Room Decor Ideas 8

Your home serves as a reprieve from the outside world, and it often depicts who you are as a person. After spending time and money choosing pieces to fill your abode—from the coffee table in the living room to the guest room bedsheets—deciding that your space needs a change can feel overwhelming. Luckily, you don’t need a total remodel or renovation to refresh your place. Simple additions to your décor can make a bigger impact than you might think, especially when making a number of small modifications.

One easy way to revive your space is by adding delicate décor elements like a translucent pastel hued votive candle holder. Place your favorite scented candle within the holder atop your mantle to tap into one of your strongest senses—smell—or set a tea light inside for a subtle, scent-free glow. Incorporate more touches of light while making any area appear bigger with a decorative mirror. The reflective surface refracts light, while the simple frame seamlessly blends in with any room’s décor.

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