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ScrambleR ModS Ideas (53)

Scrambler is one of the most popular modified streams in Indonesian society. With a unique model, frame, body and handlebar, scrambler becomes one of the favorite bikes for the lover. Well, are you one of them? IDNtimes has seven types of motors that you can make scrambler. No need to hesitate, just look at the changes!

This modification is intended for motorcycles able through various fields. For the style of scrambler, the tires are replaced with knobbly / tire type, ground clearance and exhaust elevation, and trim the seat so even more flat.

The owner adds, as long as he pursue the world of modifications, a nice bike to be made scrambler one of them is Yamaha Scorpio. “This is because the frame is already` can` to the type of scrambler, so the change is not too much “he added.

In addition to Yamaha, some other models are also `ciamik` modified scrambler. “Honda Tiger and Megapro can also,” said Agus. Not only that, the man who has a dozen years of this modifier also said that the big motor with the engine above 250 cc is also suitable in-scrambler. “If 250 cc to the top, Suzuki Inazuma can,” he added.

Added, for a modifier, the most obvious challenge in turning a motor into a scrambler style is a skeletal modification. “For example if Honda Tiger and Megapro, it’s a lot of extra frame,” he concluded.

In this post there I also provide images that I will post in this post, for that let us refer to the following picture, as well as from some motor brands that have been in the modifiaksi style Scrambler.