Nissan Navara VS Ford cooler where sob ….?

Nissan Navara VS Ford (2)

On this occasion I want to show two spec car with a very strong and certainly strong. The second car was very sports really to be brought way way to the mountains. Both cars are Nissan Navara VS Ford 4X4.

The toughness of Ford Ranger 3.0L engine manifold diusungnya Diesel, 4 Cylinders, 12 Valve, SOHC, With Direct Injection Turbo Intercooler Commonrail with a capacity of 2953 cc combustion chamber. This diesel engine can generate power of 143 ps at 3500 rpm rotation being for peak torque of 330 Nm at 1800 rpm. Combustion systems using Electrical Fuel Injection (EFI). Power is passed through a 5-speed automatic transmission and 4-wheel drive system (4WD). On the Double Wishbone front suspension uses torsion spring + while the rear uses Rigid Leaf Spring.

Nissan Navara VS Ford

Toughness Nissan Navara. A machine equipped with a turbo-diesel Intercool with increased horsepower and improved fuel efficiency. In the wheel, the system can adjust the selection between 2WD and 4WD with a twist of the dial at speeds of 100km / h. With in-line engine DOHC 16-valves 4chylinder VGS turbo intercooler 4 wheel drive.

Nissan Navara VS Ford (2)

That second car in the world class level sport offroad..sekian and thank you for visiting my home. Do not forget these subscriptions on my site. See you later.