Set (166) Latest retro cafe racer Ducati 2017

Cafe Racer Ducati Retro 00162

One school of motor modifications that were hits and ngetrend his current one is a cafe racer. The genre itself cafe racer motorcycle modification zoom is unique, edgy, charming to be seen after a long time but did not forget their function as a vehicle, because the word of the cafe racer racer himself already reflect that this flow motorcycle modification while maintaining the speed other than look good.

Early History Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer is created the first time in Europe the era of the ’60s, the rocker alias boy band stream Rock are hooked together or perform in cafes who wish to modify their motor to quickly move from one cafe to cafe the other, but it is also in the days the Grand Prix is ‚Äč‚Äčloved the races become commonplace that they want a stronger motor is the engine performance that is said to be able to penetrate the speed of 160 km / h. And do not forget, many unique features etched rocker look at this bike modification that is shaped like a cafe racer we see now. Cafe racer himself called by people around who often see this type of motorcycle parked in the cafes or people who frequently use this bike with a race start line early usually in cafes. Motorcycles cafe racer flow is made as simple as possible prevents the weight of the motor is reduced. The more lightweight and slim motor will be easier to split the wind while driving so that the maximum speed can be achieved. Here are pictures and photo living modified motor with a retro cafe racer style 2017 are summarized for your reference material, hopefully to inspire.