The Latest VW Beetle Car In 2017

The Latest VW Beetle Car In 2017 (4)

Volkswagen New Beetle is a compact car introduced by Volkswagen in 1998. The exterior design of this car is taken from the original Beetle. But unlike the original Beetle, the New Beetle has a front-wheeled and front-wheel drive engine, with luggage located at the back. [1] In May 2010, Volkswagen announced that production of the current body model would be discontinued in 2011. [2] A new design launched in 2011 replaces the old design.

At the 1994 North American International Auto Show, Volkswagen introduced the Concept One, a retro-themed concept car similar to the Volkswagen Beetle. The car was designed by J Mays and Freeman Thomas in the California design studio. [3] The platform of this concept car is based from Volkswagen Polo.

An enthusiastic public reaction makes this company interested in developing the production of the Concept One concept car. The car was finally launched under the name New Beetle in 1998, its base was taken from the PF34 Platform Volkswagen Golf Mk4. [4] New Beetle has only the same name and model when compared with the old generation. In June 1999, the first turbocharged version of the car was finally released to the public (version 1.8T). At that time, VW also created a dedicated site dedicated to this car only. [5] A new convertible version was added in mid 2003 to replace Volkswagen Cabrio.



Length: 4.129 mm (162.6 in)
Width: 1,721 mm (67.8 in)
Height: 1,498 mm (59.0 in)
Wheelbase: 2,515 mm (99.0 in)
Empty weight: 1,230 kg (2,712 lb)
Maximum speed: 177-210 km / h (110-131 mph)
Acceleration (0-96 km / h | 0-60 mil / hr): 6.5-13.2 sec

And below is the old VW beetle car output look in the following picture: