Trick And Tips Sticker Bomb Idea Design For Vehicles As well as Pictures

Sticker Bomb Ideas Design (49) Result

Must know the bomb sticker (BS)? That is the trend of various stickers and stacked form enggak irregular in one field. Had busy attached to the vehicle of young children who follow the trend. Usually mounted on bonnet, bumper, gasoline tank cover and others. If the sticker is pasted manually one by one, now more easily because it can be made with digital printing system. Getting it is also easy because it is scattered everywhere from specialist outlets stickers to street vendors on the roadside.

But for those who want to make your own can, too. Starting from making your own designs to attach it to the body of your vehicle. I as an automotive graphic designer want to share knowledge do it for my beloved readers. The first step, the reader must understand or master a little software commonly used for graphic design. Like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, inDesign to Adobe Photo Shop. The software I use is Adobe Illustrator, and as the design theme is the AUTOMOTIVE tabloid logo. Listen, the order makes it.

1. Make the design you want, I’m here using automotive logo as an example of design
2. Logo then copy and paste and give outline or enlarge the field. Next
give white color and give shadow or shadow, on the field of shadow logo 35% is enough to give the impression arise.
3. Expand or duplicate and give different colors, as well as existing shadow can also be adjusted color
4. Paste the logo randomly. The more stacked design material will be more complicated and interesting
5. And immediately slide into the sticker outlet digital. Simply redeem the cost of printing at a price of approximately USD 100 thousand for 1×1 meter, sticker your own work is in the hands!