VW Golf MK 5 GTI Modified

Vw Golf Mk1 Gti Modified 00376

Volkswagen GTI has become one of the most successful cars of Volkswagen. The Golf is loved as car project by many of our members and there is a huge array of parts and tuning options for them. Let us get a brief overview of the many revisions over the years to this popular car.

Then we will see the performance tuning options and the best part for your project and direct you to detailed engine tuning guide. The original GTI MK1 very responsive and still has a dedicated following today even though it’s old age. (Many owners say these cars increases with age as a bed and loosening 8V engine.)

Then comes GTI MK2 where the tuning scene began to take off and now we see the conversion 1.8T VR6 engine MK2 and will as well as the original owner of capturing the essence of the MK1. mk3 golfs not fantastic car, the GTI has lost it’s magic to overcome this so thankfully there are many aftermarket tuning parts Golf created that allows you to achieve the “ideal GTI” on the model of your mk3. The MK4 (mkIV) and mk5 (MKV) VW Golfs show dedication to the platform and a lot of criticism leveled at the previous models were discussed. The MK6 & MK7 Golf is a major leap forward and VW has once again come up with a stunning cars are fun to drive and modifies.