WV Camper Ideas Campervan Interior

Vw Camper Ideas Campervan Interior (9)

Vacationing with family may already be a routine activity that we do when weekends or long holidays come. Go to the beach or camp on the mountain, a holiday option that is usually done by the tourists. Traveling by car is a top choice for tourists. However, what would happen if the car used to travel is a campervan?

With his creativity to work on a VW Combi into a campervan to develop into a promising business. Started building VW Campervan brand since 2014 ago. Initially, for picnic purposes, advertising, to be a photo property. Campervan itself is a multifunctional and based convertible van from a Volkswagen manufacturer. Starting from VW Dakota in the 1950s, the manufacturer restored this van lengendaris with a seat that can be converted into a bed, complete with cabinets and curtains in the window. Until now campervan continues to grow and not only VW manufacturers who produce campervan.

Armed with VW’s fondness and hobby of camping with family, and also see business opportunities in it. Campervan judged to be suitable for use in the country especially for families when traveling explore the archipelago. He regretted, why the campervan population does not exist in this country. The ultimate goal is to build this business in its own right to introduce the campervan to the community.

Hobby is a thing that is often underestimated and we put aside, but not necessarily hobby that we have this can not produce benefit at all for our life. and VW Campervan it is now known as a result of a hobby that is channeled through a positive road. As long as it is able to think creatively and keep innovating, these opportunities will certainly be obtained by everyone who crave it.